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What is Cognitive Beahvioural Hypnotherapy?


CBHT is a talking therapy. 


Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all conected, feeding into each other to construct our view of the world and how we operate within it.  As we talk, we'll gently look at patterns that have been created, and, working togther, we'll learn to reframe and refocus to create a susatinable and more positive view point.  

Hypnosis works by allowing our minds to foucs intently on a single suggestion and idea - sugesstion that we have worked out together. As that happens, our brains are encouraged to create new neural pathways.  This in turn is what helps us to develop a more positive way of being in our world.  

Where does it happen


In person appointments happen in my dediacted space in Surrey

KT23 3AU  map link here

I also work via webcam on Zoom.  It's an option that suits many clients.

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How Much?


£60 for our first session

£50 for all subsequent ad hoc appointments

£160 for a prepaid, prebooked block of four appointments

How Many?


Whilst I would love to say that one appointment will be enough, the truth is it varies from person to person and situation to situation.  Some people come as and when they feel the need, some find a short course (four to eight appointments) is enough.  Others take three or four, have a break and come back for a further three or four.  All I can say for sure is that you are in control and that you wil know what's right for you.

How Long?


Appointments last for an hour.  However, I'm not a clock watcher so very often they can last 90 minutes!  

I always work to your time constraints, so if you have a dealine, that wil of course be respected.  

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